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5 Chrome Extensions Developers Can’t Ignore

by Chrome Blog on December 26, 2014

Although Chrome browser has become an integral part of your custom workflows, it requires some enhancements and polish to work efficiently. This is why developers add various extensions to their browsers and the best place to get them is Chrome Web Store. Since the launch of Chrome, numerous development-oriented add-ons have been introduced, which are indispensable to the developers.

Window Resizer

This add-on allows the developers to resize their browser window easily while in motion. When the icon located in menu bar is clicked, a dropdown menu with customizable window sizes is produced. The Window Resizer settings can also be exported for configuring other machines in the same manner.

Window Resizer Image


ColorPick Eyedropper

This is a color picker that has the “eye dropper” tool for easy sampling of individual pixel colors. This developer tool provides different features including “webpage region magnification/zoom loupe”.

ColorPick Eyedropper Picture

Page Ruler

With this tool, the developer can draw a ruler on web pages and get the height, width, and position of the pages. The control bar can be used to move the selection area edges and “element mode” enables automatic selection of parent or children elements of individual page elements. These features allow fast measurements of specific components.

Picture of Page Ruler


This extension allows you to view the CSS properties like effect attributes, positioning, background, color, text, font, and other characteristics of the section over which the mouse hovers by providing a floating panel. If you do not wish to utilize developer tools, you may use this extension to obtain basic CSS information.

CSSViewer Image

Form Fuzzer

This fuzz testing utility can insert random, unexpected, and invalid data into HTML forms to test security problems, potential memory leaks, or monitor crashes. Predefined form data can also be inserted for regression testing. This powerful and sophisticated tool has been improved very quickly to satisfy the requirements of users.

image of form fuzzer

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1 PhistucK 12.26.14 at 3:27 am

Hm, where are the links to the extensions?

2 Dean Penwell 10.18.19 at 2:21 am

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