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Carry Out Browser Gesture With Mouse Using Smooth Gestures Chrome Extension

by arupchou on July 27, 2011

Do you want to open new tabs, close the old ones and reload pages with the help of mouse or trackpad gestures? Well, then Smooth Smooth GesturesGestures is the add-on for you. With the help of this add-on you can open new tabs, close old tabs, reload pages and open links with the help of mouse or trackpad gestures. This extension allows you to stir the mouse while you are holding the right mouse button to give great gestures such as navigation of page or management of tab.

Other Features

The extension also supports click-and-drag, click-and-scroll and click-and-click. It supports diagonal gestures and configure gesture for most of the browser tasks. Though a number of generic browser tasks have already gestures assigned which allows you to get started, you can edit them as per your wish.

When you carry out a gesture you will get to see a red trailing line at the back of your pointer which is an indication as to whether the action you are doing is right or not. To download Smooth Gestures, click here.

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