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Chrome Browser Adds Extension To Fetch YouTube Activity Feeds

by arupchou on December 24, 2010

Watching YouTube videos on Chrome Browser can now be a real delight. Slave Jovanovski, a YouTube engineer has formulated a Chrome Browser ExtensionsChrome browser extension which automatically gives you updates of your YouTube activity streams.

Utility Of The New Chrome Browser Extension

The new extension is of great help. Suppose your YouTube friend has uploaded a new video or has given comments regarding any video, then the new extension will notify you about it. Not only this, it will also link you to the video.

The new extension also lets you control about the activities you want notifications for and how frequently you want them. Such types of several innovative extensions have helped Chrome Browser to gain immense popularity among users.

Of late search giant Google has been working to make sure that the Chrome browser focuses on social networking side. The company has working to develop applications and software which lets users to share their work with their friends and loved ones.

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