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Chrome Remote Desktop Extension (Beta)

by Abhinab Choudhury on May 22, 2012

Chrome Remote Desktop Beta is a very useful initiative by Google to bring free remote support to all Chrome community. The word “Beta” means that presently the program is gathering feedback from the users. It may be free or paid when it is officially launched. We at hkactivity decided to review this program for our valued users.

Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

You need to have Chrome set as your default browser and download the remote desktop extension from the play store. Now after you have installed this extension you will be required to generate a 12 digit static code which will be used to identify your system from the Google cloud server.

Chrome remote desktop extension imageAlthough this program is in its beta testing phase the bugs rarely shows up or there is any fixed error which create problem every time. The extension works efficiently and sure would have launched in a full blow final version. But we think Google does not want to take risk with this one. They are trying hard to gather all reports and errors of this application from the open dev community and rectifying all of them in the short span.


This application is good for personal and professional use. You can easily have a virtual right to almost all privileges of the connected host. You can carry out any task that you want – copy, cut, edit, paste and all necessary functions. We found this application to be very satisfactory in term of connectivity and remote control features.


This might sound odd but this Chrome extension might get blocked by some antivirus program. They detect it to be an external threat and terminate any incoming attempts from the connecting server. If you are facing such problem you will need to add this program to the trusted list of your antivirus database.

Do remember not to share your key with unknown persons as this will compromise your system. The person will have access to your computer every time you run the Chrome browser. If you have accidently been a victim to this situation kindly uninstall the Remote chrome extension and report this thing to Google.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

In order to download Google Chrome Remote Desktop beta, visit the official link here.

Chrome Remote Desktop (beta) Installation

  1. Download and Install Google Chrome
  2. Download and Install Remote desktop Chrome Extension
  3. Click on the Remote desktop wrench Icon on the Menu bar
  4. Press “Share this Computer” button
  5. The application will generate a static 12 digit key
  6. Provide this key to the person you want to share your browser with.

How to Share Remote Desktop with Chrome Extension?

It is important to note here that both the machines must have Google Chrome installed for using this feature. You cannot share remote connection over other browsers.

  1. Click the Remote Icon on the browser Menu Bar
  2. Select “Access a shared computer”
  3. Enter the 12 digit key of the system you want to access
  4. Enjoy the remote connectivity

We have seen many initiative from Google to enhance the communication aspect of the Chrome. This is just one of the main project. In future we might see more utility extensions from the Search Engine Giant.

{ 3 comments… read them below or add one }

1 OIK2 05.23.12 at 10:15 am

Can this be set up to always take incomming connections, so I can access my home computer from school, or my HTPC from the other side of the room, or is it only useful for helping my friend fix his computer when he can send me a fresh number?

2 allen 10.03.12 at 2:07 pm

Very awesome plugin.. I connected to my office computer and opened aftereffects. I found that it is very usable and scrubbing video on the timeline was smooth and nearly real time. to further test out the plugin. I opened myCR-48 laptop via WiFi and proceeded to remotely connect to my home computer (that was remotely connected to the office computer) and was still able to operate after effect controls and scrub video at an exceptionable rate. Now if it only had Sound. .. Note: for file transfer i simply use Google drive. and for quick non transparent image transfer i can get by with a simple screen grabber most of the time .. 🙂

more time at home and away from the office!!!

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