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Chrome Web Apps & Extensions: Spot The Difference

by arupchou on January 19, 2011

The fame of Chrome Browser has been enhanced by the availability of several Chrome extensions. During the recent Chrome OS event Chrome Web Browser Imageheld at San Francisco, Google unveiled its Chrome Web Apps store which hosts several apps (paid and free) to further enhance your browsing activities. Chrome extensions and Chrome web application might confuse users who are new to the browser and hence in this article we will explain the differences between the two.

Major Differences Between Chrome Extension and Chrome Web Apps

One of the major differences between Chrome extensions and web applications is their location. Majority of the Chrome extensions can be downloaded from Chrome Extensions Gallery whereas Chrome Web Apps can be installed from Chrome Web Store.

Another major difference between Chrome extensions and web apps is the fact that while extensions are used to enhance the functionality of the Chrome Browser, web apps run within the browser having a different user interface. Unlike web applications, extensions have little or sometimes no UI component.

From a technical perspective the major difference between Chrome Apps and extensions is the presence of “launch” parameter in apps which indicates Chrome to show when user starts an application installed by him/her.

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1 Tony Holobyte 02.07.11 at 2:21 pm

Google is really doing a lot for the Internet in general. The developers are doing a great job of following Web trends and merging it with new technology. My business literally runs off of Google’s array of apps and tools.

I recommend Chrome and Firefox to clients every chance I get.

– Holobyte

2 camille 06.20.11 at 12:38 pm

With its apps and extensions, Google Chrome unlocks new possibilities for developers to improve the web experience for users. We choosed Chrome and used the functionality of the Chrome apps. to change the way people shop online.
Our Chrome app. puts the user @ the center of the online shopping experience, allowing you to quickly find and buy what looks great for you.
Worth checking out: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gnjoaflbfehbpnmkfiifdmmkegimpeol

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