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Chrome’s Adblock Extension – Review, Features and Free Download

by arupchou on December 27, 2010

Tired of seeing unnecessary ads popping up on your web page which hinder your web surfing!! Not anymore. Adblock is one of the AdBlock Extension Imagemost sought after Google Chrome extension, which block ads and allows you to seamlessly browse the internet. The popularity of the extension can be understood from the fact that it has over 1.6 million users. Read the Adblock Chrome Extension Review to know more about the utility of this extension.

Adblock Extension Review

As the name implies, Adblock restricts ads. If you are surfing the internet, looking for some important information or reading a thing of your interest, then the flashy ads can be really annoying. Every time an ad pops up you need to close it to continue what you are doing. This can be really distracting.

Adblock Extension Features

When Google launched its Chrome browser only a few extensions were available for it. Adblock has been a popular plug-in for Firefox and now with the extension available in Chrome Extension gallery, Chrome users can heave a sigh of relief from the annoying ads.

Adblock Extension PictureThe extension is equipped with a java script which governs CSS of a particular web-page. It hides those elements which show ads to you. When a pop-up is blocked then you get a notification at the bottom right corner of the monitor.

Usage of this extension helps in faster downloading of a web-page. Not only this, adblock extension allows lets users to mark a particular domain from where you do not want ad to be blocked. It allows you to submit ads which the extension has missed and is very simple and easy to use.

Download Adblock For Chrome

Adblock is absolutely free for Google Chrome and is pretty easy to install. For free download of Adblock, click here.

So download adblock extension right away to get less cluttered web experience.

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