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Enable Remote Computer Control With Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Extension

by arupchou on October 10, 2011

Chrome extensions are known to increase the productivity of the Chrome browser. Recently Google has come up with an Chrome Remote Desktop Beta Chrome Extensionextension which is a browser- based equivalent of remote desktop software which allows users to remotely contact another computer with the help of Chrome browser or Chromebook. Such an extension is quite helpful for IT administrators while controlling the machines of their employees or for people taking care of the computers of their relatives. At the same time the extension is quite helpful for individuals to get access of their machines while they are far away from it. The extension is known as Chrome Remote Desktop BETA.

Goals Of The Extension

The goal of the beta release of the extension is to highlight core Chrome Remoting technology and get feedback from users. The version allows users to share or get access to another computer by providing a single authentication code. Security has been given prime importance while construing the extension.  The extension provides access only to a specific person identified by the user and the sharing session is fully secured.

Another probable use of this version is the remote IT helpdesk case. The helpdesk can use the extension to help another user by setting up another sharing session without leaving the desk. The extension is a fully cross platform so enabling users to connect a couple of computers which has Chrome Browser which includes Windows, Linux, Mac and ChromeBooks. Chromebooks have played an important role during the making of the extension as Chrome OS in Chromebooks are aimed for firms to lower their IT costs.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop Beta

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