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Enlarge Photos Without Clicking Through Hover Zoom Chrome Extension

by arupchou on January 5, 2012

Many a times while surfing the net, it may happen that you have to click on a thumbnail image to make it appear larger. Hover Zoom Chrome ExtensionHowever, sometimes it is not just one click. There can be websites, where you find something interesting on the homepage and you have to click on the item and then click on the image to enlarge it. It essentially means that you have to click twice to see what the product looks like. Hover Zoom is one useful Chrome extension which will reduce the number of clicks as it enlarges the photos when you hover your mouse over them. Though it may seem a minute thing initially, if you could count all the clicks you make throughout the day, then you will find the amount of time you are wasting.

Working And Features Of Hover Zoom

The developers of this extension has developed it in such a manner that the extension works on any site which has direct links to image files ( Amazon, Baidu, eBay, Yahoo, Google+, Picasa web albums and many more). When you install the extension, you can see its icon in the URL input box.

As long as the image appears and you visit any particular site and start hovering over any photograph, you will see that it you can see that larger version of the images will appear without any clicks. If you are worried about accidental hovers, then you can customize the time of delay before the larger image is displayed in a light box.

The extension also allows you to enable and disable zooming only for specific sites. The extension makes web browsing easier and a delightful experience. Use the extension and do share your views on it. We found it to extremely handy and are eagerly waiting for your response.

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