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Five useful extensions in Google Chrome

by logesh on October 4, 2010

Since Chrome started to support extensions, version 4.0, its market share has grown faster for the Internet browser powered by Google. In addition to speed and simplicity, Chrome provides the ability to perform various tasks directly from the top. I’ll try to present five useful extensions for any user.

If you enable several extensions in Chrome, it starts to slow in page download, too. This means that you should focus on what is truly important. For example, a browser game would be childish to you.

  1. Speed Dial – is an option that was very nice in Opera. Now is ready on Chrome, too. You can edit how many sites you want to be shown as a sounding board from which you start browsing.
  2. Google Mail Checker – displays the number of unread messages and by a simple click it takes you to the mail on gmail page (best mail service on the www)
  3. Cooliris – the browser turns into a giant 3d board in which is displayed information from various websites. Unfortunately it consumes very many resources and is stressful because even it connects to your reader account; it’s not showing the information from there, only from other preset sources, but it’s able to load images from PC.
  4. Chrome SEO – is useful for a blogger interested in how his blog or ‘the competition’ is presenting on the SEO. It gathers lots of data via Google, Yahoo, Bing or alexa.com. Just click on the icon on the extension icon when you are visiting a web page.
  5. Facebook for Google Chrome – an application to update and to read the facebook account directly from the browser, without accessing the Wall of the famous social networking site. Is working ok, no bugs.

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1 Charles Johnson 10.16.10 at 10:14 am


There is no link here for downloading this plugin. So, how di get it?


2 Karen 10.17.10 at 6:35 pm

Has anyone heard of the GatherBack chrome extension (http://www.gatherback.com)? just tried out this screenshot extension for chrome and it looks pretty snazzy… would be happy to hear if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with them.

3 botannic 11.07.10 at 10:09 pm

Try this plugin – http://www.botannic.com/
Not really useful, but makes fun.

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