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Google Chrome to Phone Extension

by Abhinab Choudhury on August 13, 2012

Chrome to phone is a simple Google Chrome Extension which can help you send links, telephone numbers and other information directly from your browser to your Android device.
Chrome to Phone extension


The best feature of this chrome extension is that the sent links are automatically interpreted by the Android device and opens it up against the assigned application. Some of them worth mentioning are:
  • YouTube Links: These links are opened by the default application managing YouTube videos.
  • Google Maps: These links are opened by the Google Map application and hence with a single click you can have the map on your device screen.
  • Market: All market links will be opened by the Android Market application of your device.
  • Telephone Numbers: The sent number link opens in the dial pad of your device to make the call easily.
  • SMSto: For the websites using this protocol you will have the default messaging app opened with the recipients name added to the field
  • Text: Will open in default text editor
Getting started with this extension is not much complicated but can be a bit tiresome. After installing the browser extension, you will have do the same for the Android device. If you are having problem searching the extension and APK file on the Play store we have provided the links at the end of this article.
After installing the app you will be guided through the installation process. As of now only regular Google accounts are supported. You cannot use the Google Apps Account for this feature. As soon as you have integrated the Google account with your phone and the browser you can start sending information directly from your browser to phone.

Minimum Requirements

  • Google Chrome Browser
  • You need to have a minimum of Android 2.2 (Froyo) on your device
  • Chrome to Phone App installed on your Android device.

How to Setup and Use Chrome to Phone?

Follow the instructions below to integrate and use Chrome to Phone extension on your Android device.
  1. Install Chrome to Phone on your browser
  2. Install Chrome to Phone app on your Android device
  3. Integrate the Gmail account which will be used for cross communication
  4. Select the mode of opening the links – Automatically or Manual.
  5. Start Chrome and log in to the same Gmail account
  6. Now open any webpage and right click the information you want to send
  7. Select “Send this image/text/link to Android”
  8. You will have the received link in your Android device in a few seconds.

Common Errors Associated with Chrome to Phone

It might happen that sometimes the browser displays error with some particular websites. You should try once or twice to send it again. This will solve the problem if any particular web page is creating the problem.

Another problem with the old version was the special character recognition problem. This has been solved for the updated version and there is a rare or no chance that you might see the same old error. New GUI has been added for landscape mode. This will help you use the application in any way you want.

Google Chrome to phone is a very useful extension from the Google Devs and reduces our work to copy paste the same data from one application to another. We are sure many users will love it who work with Google Chrome browser and use an Android device.

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2 nyx 01.26.14 at 11:22 pm

I seem to keep coming here looking for something new

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