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Music Bubble Extension For Chrome – A Music Lover’s Delight!

by Sagnik Roy on May 26, 2014

Chrome extensions are Google Chrome’s browser extensions that provide extra features and functionality to modify the browser according to the user’s requirements and preferences. One such Chrome extension, build exclusively for the music lovers is the Music Bubble. The extension with an awkward name, but remarkable utility allows users to control their musical proceedings anytime, without having to leave the current tab they are on.

music-bubbles image

Music bubble image

What Music Bubble does is, it places a small transparent floating circular control on the current page and it remains floating on top if users change tabs or open new tabs. It is ubiquitous but not over-bearing. The control bubble stays gray when not in use, and turns orange when it is running. On moving the cursor over it, the control expands giving users the options to play, pause, skip forward or rewind along with thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. When a song is playing, it also shows the track name and the artist/album name below the control.

Bubble controls image

Long clicking the music bubble control pops up two black buttons in place of the thumbs up and thumbs down button. These are for repositioning and blacklisting. Repositioning button lets users drag the control bubble to anywhere in the window, and the controller stays there till repositioned again. The blacklist button allows users to blacklist the particular site that they are viewing, so that the controller does not show up whenever that particular site is visited again. This list can be also edited in the Music Bubble extension’s options. Overall, a very interesting and functional extensions which should be a preference for the heavy Google music lovers!

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