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Send to Kindle Chrome Extension

by Abhinab Choudhury on August 22, 2012

Kindle father, Amazon spreads it wings further into the ad blocking section with  the Send to Kindle for Google Chrome extension. The simple punch of a button can now send published texts from the webpage to the user’s Kindle.


Send to Kindle Features

Send to Kindle chrome extension has enabled users to read and carry web articles in much easier manner.

  • Send web articles, blog pages and all other similar web content to the Kindle device.
  • Send web content directly to the Kindle device in quick steps.
  • Preview the content before you send it to your device.
  • Select text from any web page and send it to your Kindle.
  • Review the sent content anytime, anywhere on Kindle devices and all supported reading apps.
  • Move the content to archive inside your Kindle library.
  • Download them to any other device.

Amazon Expanding options to attract more Customers for its Kindle 4

This is not something new, as the Company has already released the same for Mac OS X and Windows. Amazon also provides option to send content via email option as well. Send to Kindle for Google Chrome’ has now made it much easier to read articles and content on the go. If you don’t have the time to sit and read a particular news or article on your office desk, you can now simple send it to your kindle device and have the option to read it on your way to home. The benefit you have is there are no ads as you send them over and hence less or no distractions at all.

Price and Charges

Send to Kindle is made available free over Wi-Fi connections transmitting over Whispernet. Additional fees of about $0.15/MB inside US to $0.99/MB outside US may be applicable.

We also have confirmation about “Send to Kindle” being developed for Firefox, Opera and Safari. To know more about this feature and other possible ways to transfer content directly to your Kindle visit Amazon kindle page.

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1 John 08.22.12 at 7:23 am

I find the whole kindle thing a little confusing, they are expensive and look boring, why would you not spend a little more money on an ipad and have so many more features!

2 Charles 10.15.12 at 10:43 am

This extension does not work with the software Kindle app for Windows or Android devices. Developers: Please note that a version for the Kindle app is also greatly desired.

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