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Some More Handy Chrome Extensions For Google+

by arupchou on July 26, 2011

In one of our previous articles we presented to you four useful Chrome extensions for Google+. Now we present to you some more Chrome extensions which will help you better utilize Google+. The number of users for Google+ is increasing by leaps and bounds and these Chrome extensions for Google+ will help you to increase the productivity of Google+.

Productive Chrome Extensions For Google+

Replies and more for Google+

Replies and more for Google+This Chrome extension for Google+ offers you hosts of features and it adds additional functionality to Google Plus. It allows users to reply and reply to author links which automatically adds the “+ name” to your response which also works when you reply to comments on posts. With the help of this extension user can press “CTRL+ Enter” And “Shift+Enter” when they want to submit a comment or post. It adds a dropdown option close to share with additional sharing options. To download Replies and more for Google+, click here.

GPlus+ Search

GPlus+ SearchAs the name suggests, this Chrome extension allows you to search public in Google+. As soon as you install the extension an icon is displayed in Chrome toolbar. At present the extension allows you to search public, but in near future it is expected to add more functionality. Once you install the extension, you need to click on the icon and you get search options which comprises of profile, posts etc and other products of Google such as Buzz and Reader. To download GPlus+ Search, click here.

+Photo Zoom

+Photo ZoomWant to zoom photos and profile pictures from Google+ stream? Well, then +Photo Zoom is the perfect extension for you. You just need to float over the image which you intend to zoom and the extension will show the enlarged version of the picture. The extension is pretty much customizable. You can tweak the settings so that the image will expand only when hovered for a certain amount of time.  An update supplied to the extension adds support for late zoom and zoom on keypress. To download +Photo Zoom, click here.

Do let us know about your experience about the extensions through your comments and we will appreciate if you can send some more Chrome extensions for Google+ which you come across.

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