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Sort Extensions into Groups By Context Chrome Extension

by arupchou on January 18, 2012

Extensions are an important aspect of Chrome browser. Extensions increase the productivity and usefulness of the Chrome browser. When you look at the extensions you have installed in your Chrome browser, you will find that you may not be using all of them at the same time. There are extensions installed for particular tasks such as entertainment, games, research and many more. Even though you are not using any particular extension, it runs in the background whenever you open the browser. This not only waste of resources but also space considering the fact that many extensions place icons next to the address bar of Chrome.

However, Context is a useful Chrome extension which allows you to group extensions in a group and enable or disable them at your will. All users need to do after installation is to open the “options” of the extensions and start adding them to groups. Users are asked to select a name and icon for the group for identification. Context extension displays 14 diverse icons which you can select for your groups.

Create Extension Group

Working Of The Extension

Once you install “Context”, you can start dragging and dropping extensions into groups. The extension by default will display extensions in options which you can move into groups.

Once you finish dropping extensions, click “Save” button. Once you click “Save” button, you can select one of the extension groups which you want to work with. Users can switch between groups without restarting their browser. Users need to keep in mind that extensions which they have not added to any groups will not be available when individual groups are activated. Users will also get a notification at the bottom whenever they install a new application or extension.

Context Image

Benefits Of Context

There are several benefits of Context. It saves the browser resources by reducing the number of extensions running in the background. It also saves a considerable amount of space and increases the visibility by removing extension icons from the address bar.

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1 sanjay 01.18.12 at 9:22 am

excellent this will be served amazingly for me..

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