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TooManyTabs – Tab Manager Extension For Chrome

by arupchou on September 19, 2011

Many  users prefer tabbed browsing as such browsing helps the desktop to remain uncluttered with sites opened in different windows. But very often opening of a large number of tabs may slow the performance of the browser as well as the machine. In this article, we will tell you as to how you can postpone an individual tab from tabbed browsing.

Ways To Suspend Individual Tabs

First of all you need to install an extension called “TooManyTabs For Chrome.” . Once you install the extension, you can see an icon beside the wrench icon.

TooMany Tabs For Chrome Extension

Then click on the TooManyTabs icon.

TooMany Tabs Icon

Once you click on the icon, you will see a page displaying the list of all the tabs which you have opened. Beside each tab, you will find an small arrow. Click, on the arrow of the tab whose suspension you want to cancel. Once clicked, the tab will be suspended from operation. Here you can see that i have suspended two tabs, www.espncricinfo.com and Yahoo India.

Page After Clicking The Extension

In order to resume operations, click on the name of the suspended tab. Once you do it, the tab will resume its normal operations.


Some of the features of the extension are as follows:

Clear Preview Of Tab’s Content

The extension allows you to preview each of the tab’s content. With the help of this, you can easily understand the importance of the site in the tab and prevent it from closing it accidently.


The extension also allows you to sort the tabs by its time of creation and domain.

Save Memory

Idle tabs eat a lot of memory. The extension helps you to save memory by suspending idle tabs. It also helps you to organize tabs with custom columns.

View Of All Opened Tabs

The extension gives you bird’s eye view of all the tabs which you have opened. You do not need to search individually the opened tabs.

Restore Closed Tabs

The extension helps you to quickly restore the closed tabs. You donot have to go back to the browser and type the URL to open a suspended tab.

Upcoming Features

Some of the upcoming features of the extension are

Search For Suspended Tabs

In future, the extension will allow you to search for suspended tabs. It will easily allow you to search the tabs which you had suspended.

Do let us know through your comments about the above tutorial. Keep visiting our site for more such tutorials which will help you in efficient browsing.

Download  “TooManyTabs” For Chrome

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