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Translate Google+ Posts Via New Chrome Extension

by arupchou on August 30, 2011

Ever since its launch, Google+ has become one of the rapidly growing social networking sites. Google has tried to enhance the popularity of Google Translate for Google+Google+ by launching several Google+ Chrome extensions. On Monday, Google has come up with yet another useful Chrome extension for Google+ which translates comments and posts on Google+ using integrated, inline Google Translate support. The extension translates posts and comments in more than 50 languages and is called Google Translate for Google+.

According to Josh Estelle, Google Translate front-end and mobile development lead, there has been a demand from users of Google+ who wanted to understand posts written in different languages and realizing the demand Google has come up with this extension.

Working Of The Extension

When you install the extension just refresh Google+, you will get a translate link next to post and comments. When you click onto them, you will get instant translation. The extension allows you to choose which language you want to translate your text. The translated text is highlighted in a yellow background. Users can however select a different color with the help of the options available in the extension.

You can also choose to turn off the service by unchecking the box which says,” Always Add to Google+.” I believe that the extension will be quite helpful in widening the friend circle in Google+ as it will remove the language barrier. It will easily help people to interact with each other and understand their language. The extension can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store. To download the extension, click here.

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