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Plants Vs Zombies

by Abhinab Choudhury on October 22, 2011

The game,Plant Vs Zombies, is being played by people of all age irrespective of their intellectual level. This is quite addictive and the day I was asked to write a review about this, I decided to give it a shot and at the end of the day the article was delayed by 4 hours. Not because I was wondering what to write about but I lost to keep a tab on time as I was additively playing it for about 2 hours before I was asked by my proofreader to submit it as it was time to wrap up all days work.

Plants vs ZombiesUsually there are two types of Game lovers. One who plays games with high end graphics and all sorts of power button with combination of key press to fire a special weapon. Some of them also love the stealth and strategy and some simply love to relax playing NFS. Secondly, there is another type of user who plays the high end games but loves to have some sort of low memory consumption games on their office laptops or Kids new machine. They tend to enjoy small games much as they love to play online games and flash serves the purpose well. Plants Vs Zombies is a nice concept developed by popcap Games Inc. and it has been appreciated by mass gaming sites which usually are very sarcastic about small flash games or games of similar types.

Plants Vs Zombies Chrome Extension

The game can be added to the chrome garden and the users can now officially play the game online. The extension simply redirects you to the official chrome page of the Plants Vs Zombies website. But in order to have fun you need to log in via Gmail account so as to install this extension. You can download the extension from the Google Store.

Plants Vs Zombies Walk-through

The game revolves round a person’s residence whose main objective is to keep the zombies away from getting into his house. He has a weird neighbour who guides him on how to prepare himself against the zombies. The game play involves gardening anti-zombie plants which needs sunflower as its only source of growth and multiplicity. There are many different types of plants which serves different purpose. Say for example there are plants which fire single shot, some delay the zombies standing as a barrier between them and the attacking plants. Then there are mine plants which explodes as soon as a zombie jumps on it. The game gets tougher as the level keeps on progressing. For each new increase in level, the Zombies become more powerful and they attack with more strength and technique. I personally manage to cross 8 levels in the first shot and I am very excited to wrap it up tonight.

Another important feature for this game is that it is designed to play on a horizontal panel which give you a full screen view of the game. You can play the game in normal window as well. This mode will be preferred by many people who love to mix work and play. One can also expect something different in every level. There is always a twist and turn as the game progresses. The game also provide you to buy things by accumulating wealth. The weird neighbour seems to provide every cynical weapon to help you but all comes at the cost of heavy price.

The end game is the best part where you can test your skill at this game. You need to be very fast and strategic to plan your defense so as to win it. You can also save the game and resume back afterwards if you wan to stretch it long. Do share your experience in our comment section.

Play Online Plants Vs Zombies

If you want to apply cheats for plants and zombies you will end up loosing all the fun in the game-play. The game can be played online as well but it becomes really buggy with ads and pop ups damaging the interesting parts of the game. The game is also available in some pirated sites which hosts this game but it is advisable to stick to the official website if you don’t want to risk your system being infected.

There are some site which displays Free Download sign for this game. Do not get trapped by such misleading advertisements. There are NO free full version released for this game.

Plants Vs Zombies for Android

plants vs zombies for android

On May last the game released to Androids and since then it has been one of the highest selling games in the market place. To download Android version you can check it out in the official page here. Plants Vs Zombies cheats is also available in the Android market place, which works for almost all device models including Galaxy S2.

Plants Vs Zombies 2

We tried contacting the official developer, but got no words regarding the sequel to this game. There has been many speculations and hype about the upcoming version but we did not get any solid evidence of the game being released in the recent future.

Plants Vs Zombies Pricing

The official site allows you to Free download the game and try it out before you decide to make the purchase. The price is well set for plants vs zombies and is very cheap. PVZ comes for around as low as 4 dollars. The file size is compact with only 26.7 MB and it supports all version of Windows. Almost all modes of payment are accepted via the official website. The Android version comes for around 2 dollars and is definitely cheaper and more entertaining than the other games in the same category.


Since the game was launched there has been many negative impressions about the game be it either in a Religious manner or children being exposed to violence and mayhem. I just don’t understand why don’t these people read the disclaimer sign which directly states that the game is not suitable for children under 10 along side the ESR icon. Whatever be the reason one cannot still cant deny that the game is highly addictive and if you even seriously hate such graphics and game-play environment, this game is sure to make a positive appeal to you.

Review Verdict

We at chrome plugins are very satisfied with the quality and pricing. The game is very creative and interesting to make any person go addictive to it. The Android version definitely is worth playing and we did not find any bugs or glitches during the game play. If you are wondering whether you should buy this game or not it is a “Go-get-it” verdict from us.

Latest Update

20 new features has been added to the main stream game and with these new updates you can create your very own zombies to fight with. Many new survival modes has also been added alongside new interesting puzzles. The site continues to provide new fun feature so that the users never get tired of playing this game.

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