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Acquisition of Apture To Enhance Chrome Browsing Experience

by arupchou on November 11, 2011

Google Chrome users have a reason to rejoice. Chrome, which has become of the fastest growing browser in the market because of its Chrome Browservalue rich features, is expected to further enrich browsing experience of users. Google has purchased Apture, maker of in-page search technology for a sum which is yet to be known. Staff of Apture will join Chrome’s team work and improve the browser’s user experience.

Features Of Apture

Apture self defines itself as a “glossary for the web.” There are several features of Apture which include boosting 2D website into improved multimedia experience whereby users find better related experience. For example in some of the cases, while browsing a website when you click a highlighted word or text, then it brings out its definition or query. Apture was founded in 2007 and since then it has enhanced user’s experience about different websites which they browse. The “Highlights” plug-in of the company allow users to emphasize text and find related videos and information about them.

In a note published it in its website, the Apture team has said that the after enhancing billions of websites with its product, the company thinks that time has come to expand their efforts with another team which shares the vision of making web better. The note further added that in coming months users can remain tuned in for more enhancements in their chrome browsing experience.

This is an important step undertaken by Google as the web is an expanding platform. In coming days more and more people will use to platform to get information and with time crunch they will be more interested to surf websites which gives them more information at one place.

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