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Astrid brings its powerful To-Do Feature to Gmail

by S.Roy on February 13, 2013

Astrid, the powerful to-do list manager, has flexed its way into Gmail. The newest version of this popular Chrome browser extension now integrates with Gmail and gives users the ability to remember and manage the things they have to complete.

The Astrid extension for Chrome has been around for quite some time. As its users know, it adds itself as a button to the Chrome browser toolbar – when installed – and lets tasks be managed with ease. In Gmail, it does the same functions. It lets you manage multiple lists simultaneously, navigate them as also create new list within your inbox. You can turn the “manual order” on to drag the “to-do” items and place them in an order of your preference.

Picture of Astrid Gmail Extension

Picture – Astrid for Gmail

Label an email “Remind Me” and Astrid would add it as a button to the Gmail toolbar to turn that email into a to-do item. With Astrid around, you are unlikely to forget that project your boss has just entrusted you with or that outing your spouse has mailed you about.

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