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BSI Recommends Chrome As The Most Secure Web Browser

by arupchou on February 6, 2012

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align: justify;”>If you happen to be one who is interested in keeping up-to-date on browser wars, here is something which will surly interest you. Google Chrome Web BrowserGermany's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has recommended that Chrome is the most secure browser to use citing its built-in sandboxing and auto-updating features. In a security best practices guideline BSI has said that the internet browser is a major component for use of services on the web and hence it is the major target of cyber attacks.

Security Features In Chrome

BSI cites Chrome's anti-exploit sandbox technology as one of the major security feature of Chrome. This technology isolates the browser from the OS and the rest of the PC which therefore ensures that during cyber threats important information is not exploited.

BSI said that the sandbox protection is implemented quite consistently in Chrome and such features are pretty weak or non-existent in other browsers.

Meanwhile Google is quite upbeat after BSI's recommendation. In Chrome's official blog, Wieland Holfelder wrote that they are quite honored to see several Chrome's features being accolade in BSI's report. BSI has the habit of making recommendations regarding browsers. A couple of years ago it urged Germans not to use Internet Explorer because of a vulnerability which was exploited by Chinese hackers to break into networks owned by Google and several other companies.

At present, Chrome enjoys a market share of 14.3% in Germany while IE accounts for 51%. Apart from Chrome, BSI has also come up with a full document which has recommendations for PC users right from purchase, to installati

n and use.


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1 sreven.White 02.07.12 at 4:13 am

Really? I Iike using IE or IE engine in Avant browser to do shopping online, because they are more compatible .
From now one I will try to use chrome or chrome engine in Avant to do that.
BTW, I always have several browsers installed in my PC. it’s really useful in some time.

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