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Chrome’s Anti Malware Blocking Feature Improves Four Folds: NSS Report

by arupchou on August 17, 2011

Blocking malware is one of the most important traits of any browser. A report by NSS Labs suggests that strength of Chrome in Browser Malware Blockingblocking malicious websites and malware has increased four times than a year ago. The report also suggested reduction in Firefox 4’s capacity in thwarting malware attacks. Internet Explorer (IE) 9 remained on the top in blocking malware. Chrome blocked 13.2% of malware links thrown at it by NSS in a two week run while IE displayed warning messages for 96% of the harmful URLs.

According to Rick Moy, President of NSS Labs, Microsoft’s SmartScreen Technology is one of the best browser anti-malware technologies and remains  the one to be beaten. Mr Moy pointed out that SmartScreen Technology easily toppled over Google’s Safe Browsing API which is used not only by Chrome, but also Firefox and Safari. It is to be noted that Google maintains a blacklist of malicious sites which is then served through Safe Browsing API.

Improvement By 10.2 Percentage Points

However, of the three aforesaid browsers which use Google’s Safe Browsing API, it was Chrome which was the best in blocking malware threats. One of the major reasons for high score of Chrome was the additional protection added by Google in Chrome 12. Notably Chrome 12 and Chrome 13 warn users when they download files from malicious sites.

It is also believed that Chrome’s implementation of API has also played an important role in improving its capacity to block malware attacks. I believe that in coming days and in subsequent versions, Chrome will further improve its anti-blocking features.

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