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Chrome 13 Stable Released With Print Preview And Instant Pages Features

by arupchou on August 3, 2011

In one of our earlier articles, we had shown users as to how they can “Print Preview” in Chrome. At that time, the feature was not Chrome 13available with Chrome and we had to go through the work of StevePaul who through his forum posting in Chromeplugins.org had worked around it. Now Google has come up with stable version of Chrome 13 which supports “Print Preview” feature. Many web browsers had this feature and Chrome 13 is the latest to join the list.

Other Features Of Chrome 13

Google has also equipped the stable release of Chrome 13 with a feature known as “Instant Pages”. Speed has been the major focus of Chrome since the very beginning and this feature is a step in that direction. This feature pre-renders leading Google search results before users click onto them. This feature takes a guess on the link which it believes will be clicked by users. This results in bringing down the loading time to a great extent. It is to be noted that Mozilla has a similar feature called pre-fetching, but what differentiates both the features is the fact that Instant Pages also loads style sheets and images.

Users who are wary of the fact that Instant Pages will eat bandwidth they can turn it off via settings page, but is unlikely that users will take this step considering the fact that the features improves speed a great deal. Keeping in mind that security has also played a major role in enhancing the popularity of the Chrome, Google has patched 30 bugs. 14 out these 30 have been ranked “high”, while 9 were ranked “medium”. 7 of the bugs were ranked “low”.

However, none of the bugs were termed “critical” which could be exploited to hack Chrome’s sandbox. Google paid $ 17,000 to people reporting the bugs. Users can easily upgrade to the new version by clicking on the wrench icon and selecting the option “About Google Chrome”.

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1 Mercedes Maillet 08.06.11 at 8:21 am

I can find if Chrome 13 has it ( e-mail this page .. or e-mail this )
not Save this page as

2 Richard 08.09.11 at 12:19 pm

I can not find where you shut off the print preview step. It’s slowed me down; chrome maybe faster but i print to PDF all the time, and the extra step to get rid of the preview window is undesirable. I have upgraded to the newest chrome this morning, and can not find a switch to disable print preview.

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