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Chrome 15 Version Goes Stable, Chrome Web Store Gets A New Look

by arupchou on October 27, 2011

Google has upgraded its Chrome web browser to version 15 which brings the usual fixing of bugs, security updates as well as New Tab Page. The new tab page helps users to access and discover their favorite apps faster. In version 15 of the browser, when users open the new tab page, a list of apps appears on the screen. Users get the choice of dragging and dropping apps in order to rearrange them.

If you do not want any application in the list, you can drag the particular application and drop it in the recycle bin which is located at the bottom right of the screen. The new tab page also allows users to view their most visited sites by clicking on the description at the bottom of the screen or by using arrows located on either side of the window. Users can install the new version by clicking on the wrench item and selecting “About Google Chrome”.

New Look Of Chrome Web Store

Apart from Chrome going to stable version 15, Chrome Web Store has also got a new look and feel. The search box has been moved to Chrome Web Store Imagesthe left while extensions and apps are now presented in a wall of images which gets updated each time one visits the store. With the new look of the Web Store, Google hopes that users can quickly scan the applications they want to try. Apps and extensions are more easy to install. All users need to do is to move the mouse over an image and click “Add to Chrome”.

A one page design has been adopted in the Chrome Web Store. This basically means that if a new content is added in the existing page, then one does not need to refresh the screen. If users find anything interesting, all they need to do is to click on that particular extension or application. A new window pops up and it shows the details of the application along with the screen shot. The store also has an interface which links to the profile of Google+ of each and every reviewer.

Addition Of New Apps In The Store

Several applications have also been added to the web store. I personally liked Weebly and PostPost. While one can build great websites through weebly, through PostPost one can browse articles, videos and links of posts of friends. I personally feel that the new look and feel of the web store will further boost the productivity of Chrome apps and at the same time it will help to make Chrome browser more productive.

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