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Chrome 18: Faster, Safer and Smarter

by Abhinab Choudhury on April 2, 2012

Chrome v18 claims to be faster than any other browser. The last update was released as a stable build in first week of Feb 2012. The latest update was provided to the users last week (March 2012) and it definitely has some quick patches which reduces load time and faster page views. All previous build were advancing towards this major change log. There was a total of 9 “High Security” patches and 5 “medium security” changes. This has been one of the major change to the core Chrome engine.

There has also been rumors surrounding third party analysis of Google Chrome browser. The online sources brags that a total of $ 12000 was paid to researchers and investigators who rooted down the flaws and provided a higher security functionality of the Chrome v18. Not to forget about the ethical hacking challenges Google announced for the bounty hunters last year.

The WebGL add on will enable users to experience faster high quality rendering of GPU. In order to accomplish this task Google has also embedded license from SwiftShader, a software licensed under Adobe.

Chrome breaks Record for Home Usage

Google chrome rising graphLatest data reveals that there has been a slight hike in the user base after the release of chrome 18. But it still lags behind FireFox nd IE. Another surprise stats was when the analysts found that the total user base of Chrome home users (On Sunday being a holiday) was higher than Internet Explorer. A sneaky smile on the Chrome Dev's was all they could provide on this comment. But Microsoft was the first to react claiming the data to be irrelevant and biased calculations by the Irish firm.

Whatever be the original situation, we all cannot deny the challenge which Chrome as a underdog has come up with each major versions. To download chrome for windows, Mac or Linux use this link. As of now enjoy the faster, safer web with Chrome.



1 Abhinab 05.05.12 at 2:49 am

@ Joselia:

Eu posso ajudar, mas você precisa me explicar o que exatamente é o seu problema. Se possível, envie-me uma imagem do seu navegador.

2 Abhinab 05.05.12 at 2:54 am

@Jose Antonio:
use official plugin for better results. by the way which plugin is creating problem? share a screenshot if possible.


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