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Chrome 19 adds V8 Optimization for High Speed Performance

by Abhinab Choudhury on May 5, 2012

Google Chrome browser is now at its high performing speed ever. With Chrome 18, Chrome has successfully improved the graphical rendering in both old and newer hardware systems. Now, in its unending development platform Chrome is expected to run faster and more steady with V8 technology. Thanks to the javascript engine which boosts the performance.

Presently under Developer and Beta release, V8 javascript engine utilizes unique algorithm to exclusively select the portion of code that can be optimised. Now when a website loads scripts, it generally loads all associated functions and dependencies. With V8’s ability to increase the performance of such scripts, we can see drastic speed up of load time in web pages which utilizes small javascript functions.

Two Compilers in V8 Engine

There are two alternate compilers which helps optimize the code. In order to scan Javascript, V8 engine initially complies the executable code to machine level language with the help of quick compiler. In this phase no optimization is done; only the conversion task is carried out.

V8 optimization chrome

V8 optimization chrome

There after, the second compiler, which is an alternate option available, generates machine code in a fast manner but works explicitly under selective situations. You need to choose wisely to speed up the load time as the second compiler requires some more time to complete the task.

Earlier, V8 algorithm was designed to check for current running programs and thereby optimize them at a gap of 1 millisecond. This ensured better results while running long programs but the small programs eventually ended up with the same pace. Hence in some cases it made no difference.

Being a computer program, V8 is unable to decide which optimization can be beneficial for the user. It sometimes optimize the non functional requirement rather than the required function parts. Although this problem has been sort out in the new build.

Smart Optimization

The present open source V8 version is smarter than the predecessor. It can now keep a tab of records about how many time a javascript function is utilized and how many loops are executed over the time. This enable V8 to optimize only the required Javascript functionalities. It can more or less be compared with smart learning ability. The statistical data shows a strict 25 percent faster page load for most websites.

The upcoming version 19, is all set to break any bottlenecks in the field of load time and smart function calling. We hope to see Chrome break all records with this version. By that time you can try this feature on the developer channel and make contribution as a beta tester for the Chrome community.

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