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Chrome 19 Beta adds Other Device Support

by Abhinab Choudhury on April 12, 2012

Chrome 18 has been given a warm welcome across all platforms. Now if more such interoperability features are embedded within the Chrome across multiple Google services we can hope to see a centralised control panel for all Chrome base.

Chrome 19 beta New Features

Chrome 19 beta new features

Chrome 19 beta new features

Google Chrome is all set to open up a new dimension with Other Device Support. With Chrome 19 beta on the roll out today, we have been made certain of some features and add on which will make Chrome more interactive with other smart devices. We also saw today that the dev build of Chrome 20 made available. With this version one already has the other device support option and additional Chrome to Mobile feature which will help you send out a page directly to the Chrome Android. One do still need to enable the settings from the about:flags option. With this we can hope to see the direct association of Chrome to phone feature.

With addition of many new feature and stability in Chrome18 we have seen the download graph jump to a new height. Now if the Chrome 19 and 20 have some additional high end features we can be sure of its dominancy in the browser world. Especially with its other competitors doing nothing but collecting the grain from the past reaps. It is time to move on to Chrome for a better and smart browsing experience. You can download Chrome here.

Chrome 18

Chrome 19 Beta

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