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Chrome Being Developed As A Gaming Platform

by arupchou on August 27, 2011

Video game has been a big topic for web browsers as well as HTML 5. On Thursday in the official Google code block, I noticed Google Chromeheavily pushing New Game, the first North American conference for HTML 5 game developers. The idea of developing games in HTML5 is an exciting concept in itself. I also observed Google noting that Chrome will soon be equipped with sandbox Native Client (NaCl) with 3D.

An Intriguing Idea

A web browser interface with traditional game concept is an fascinating idea. On a quick look of the Chromium revision log I found that Google has been very tied up in the past few days working on NaCl 3D. The first implementation was announced with Chromium build 98083 and subsequently with Chromium builds 98158, 98456, 98464, 98504, 98505 and 98534.

The fact that Chrome is being developed as a gaming platform is being indicated from a proposal of Scott Graham, a Chrome Developer. During the Webkit discussion Graham recommended adding Joystick API to Chrome which will be meant for permitting Chrome to interface with joysticks and gamepads. However, the question which remained to be answered is whether the feature should be implemented before W3C draft.

I personally feel that if Chrome is indeed developed into a gaming platform then it would do wonders for game lovers in future as Chrome could run all the video games via a cloud service. The scene would become further captivating if Chrome becomes available on Android.

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