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Chrome Browser’s Phenomenal Rise Heats Up Browser War

by arupchou on December 28, 2010

Until a few years ago, the term browser was synonymous to Internet Explorer (IE). The entry of Mozilla Firefox caused concerns to Chrome Browser ImagesInternet Explorer (IE) and the launch of Safari and Opera further spurred the competition. But icing on the cake was done when Google launched its own browser Chrome. Initially users were apprehensive about Chrome and the lack of plug-ins made users to stick to IE and Firefox.

The landscape has changed dramatically in the last one year, when the demand for Chrome browser suddenly went up by leaps and bounds resulting in decline of market share of IE and Firefox. Google added several innovative features in its Chrome browser and added several new extensions in its extension gallery which made Chrome popular among users.

The bridge between extensions available for Chrome and Firefox has begun to reduce drastically and Chrome’s market share has witnessed a significant growth. Notably a data released from Net Applications showed that the popularity of Chrome Browser surged past 9% in November.

Impact Of Chrome Browser

It will be interesting to note for how long Google can keep up its market impact of the Chrome browser and address issues regarding the vulnerability of the browser against malware attacks. The Chrome browser is being used by nearly 120 million users across the globe.

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