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Chrome Celebrates 3rd Birthday

by arupchou on September 2, 2011

On September 1, 2008, a new browser called Chrome was launched. At that time, the browser market was dominated by Internet Chrome BrowserExplorer while Mozilla Firefox too was becoming popular among users. The situation was pretty challenging for Chrome as it pitched against two strong rivals. After three years, Chrome today can be very proud of what it has achieved. Not only has the user base of the browser has increased by leaps and bounds, but it has also become the third most popular web browser behind Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The market share of Chrome has crossed over 20% and the pace with which it is growing, experts believe that very soon it might overtake Firefox. According to Statcounter.com, Chrome is the fastest growing browser and in August 2011, it has cornered nearly 23% of the browser market. Not only this, Chrome has also influenced other browser vendors.

Reasons For Chrome’s Rise

The million dollar question is what is the reason for Chrome’s success? According to a post on Google Data Blog, by Google software engineers Ben Goodger and Darin Fisher cites “speed, simplicity and security” as the major factors behind Chrome’s success. Though other browsers are following Chrome’s steps, Chrome’s virtues are more proving more powerful than its rivals. As Goodger and Fisher points out that in the past one year, Chrome has made several changes which has made the browser more fast, secure and simple.

In the past one year, Google has added a faster V8 JavaScript engine and features such as Instant Pages which has made the browser much faster. It has also made the browser more accessible by supporting several screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS and VoiceOver. Google has also added an extra layer of security around PDF viewer called “sandbox” for extra protection of PDF files. Chrome has also implemented Safe Browsing technology which warns users of any malicious downloads.

However, there are still some issues which are yet to be fixed in Chrome. Lack of tab overflow handling has been an issue with Chrome ever since 2008. The user interface for browsing history is another major weakness of Chrome as compared to other browsers. But I believe that in coming days, the issues will be fixed and going by the developments, it seems to me that Chrome’s future is very much bright.

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1 bhadani vandan 09.11.11 at 10:37 pm

my chrome has crshed two times in aday plz give me solution……

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