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Chrome For Mac Made More Stable By Google

by arupchou on August 22, 2011

Of late there had been some stability issues of Chrome on Mac. In a bid to make the browser more stable for Mac, Google has revised its Chrome Logomost recent version of Chrome for Mac with a blocker for certain web applications. Apart from it, the search engine giant has also added PulseAudio backend for Linux version. It is to be noted that a parasitic third party code has been a cause of concern of Chrome for Mac 10.7 Lion. This led Google to block web application downloaded from ~/Library, /Library and /Network/Library folders. The change was initiated last week and now it obstructs CFbundle loads.

Change To Make Chrome More Stable

Google has asked web developers to ensure that contents in /Library/ScriptingAdditions, Library/InputManagers, /Library/Contextual Menu Items are not downloaded in this process. Google anticipates that the change will make Chrome more stable. Meanwhile Google has also introduced PulseAudio sound backend for Linux. Volume controls for different apps, Zero copy memory architecture etc are supported by PulseAudio.

Some changes such as adding of drag and drop file support on FTP servers along with WebIntents blacklist UI was also seen. Google has also tried to revamp bookmark manager in the Chrome browser. Google plans to replace the present bookmark editor with a web-based “WebUI” bookmark manager.

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