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Chrome now shows Auto-Update Error Notifications

by S.Roy on February 19, 2013

Automatic updating was a pain in Google Chrome, but not anymore. The makers of the browser seem to have finally woken up to the problem and have set up an auto-update error notification feature in the latest versions of Chrome.

Users of several versions of the browser have often found Chrome failing to automatically update itself to its latest version. It is only after they somehow manage to detect the problem that they decide to manually download the latest version of the browser and install it into their system. However, the time gap between the actual release of the newest version and setting it up makes the system vulnerable to malicious programs. Newest versions of browsers are always more stable than the previous versions and are integrated with features that make them more secure against security exploits.

In its latest version, the Google Chrome browser comes enabled with an auto-update error notification feature. The browser automatically compares the existing version with the latest released version and if the browser requires even one update, users are automatically informed through a notification bubble that looks like this:

Picture of Chrome auto-update error notification

Picture – Chrome auto-update error

With a single click on the reinstall button displayed in the bubble, you can set up the browser again as well as update it to its latest version. While that is still not as well as an automatic update, the notification saves a lot of time on your part and also makes you aware of an update requirement.

However, the feature would be unable to work on Windows systems that prevent auto-updating or on Mac systems that do not have the Google Updater installed in them.


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