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Chrome OS Soon to Arrive With MS Office File Editing Feature

by S.Roy on June 29, 2013

Google has added the ability to edit native MS Word and Excel documents to its latest Chrome OS version. Users with devices running the Chrome OS can now edit Word and Excel files with ease. The change was noted by François Beaufort, the famous developer now working as an evangelist for open-source Chromium.

As of now, it is yet unknown why Powerpoint has not been included in the project. It can only be assumed that the integration of the feature is only at a nascent stage and Google wants to test the waters before it goes all out to include all types of Office files, Powerpoint included. The technology is based on Google's QuickOffice acquisition in June 2012 and it can be fairly expected that all types of MS-Office files will be supported over time.

Picture of Word document being edited on Chrome OS

Picture – Word document being edited on Chrome OS

In order to try out this feature, users of Chromebook or other Chrome OS device have to execute the following steps:

  • Go to chrome: //flags.
  • Go to the entry “Enable document editing” and click on “Enable” below.
  • Restart the system after being prompted “Restart Now” to gain access to the feature.

Google has already integrated its Chrome browser with Office Viewer Extension. It allows users to view MS Office files directly in the browser on Windows and OS X. However, this is the first time that the Chrome OS is being powered with such feature and even more – which consists of the ability to edit. It is likely that the edit feature would be seen in the Chrome browser as well by the end of this year.

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