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Chrome Patches 14 Bugs Before Annual Hacking Contest

by arupchou on March 6, 2012

Prior to three days before Chrome's trial in annual hacking competition, Google has rolled out update to its Chrome web browser fixing 14 security bugs. Chrome 17.0.963.65 fixes errors with cursors, backgrounds and plug-ins not loading. It also solves issues with copy Google Chromepasting text and using touch controls on websites. Google has also pushed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Chrome which is now believed to restore functionality to “Plants vs Zombies” application which has been unusable since Google rolled out update for Chrome in mid-February.

Prize To Flaw Finders

As a custom with Chrome updates, Google will be paying finder of each flaw $ 1000 but this update has brought in additional prizes. Three of the four people were paid an extra $ 10,000 for finding out the bugs. Jason Kersey of the Chrome team said on the blog posting that in this case, the company is dropping surprise bonus as they have always reserved the right to reward extraordinary contributions.

It is to be noted that on Wednesday several teams and individuals will try to hack browsers in the three-day Pwn2Own hackathon at CanSec West Security conference starting n Vancouver, B C where they will try to crack recent versions of Apple's Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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