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Chrome Remote Desktop Soon to Arrive as Packaged App

by S.Roy on June 20, 2013

Chrome Remote Desktop, which was actually a plugin for the Chrome browser, is soon to be available as a Chrome Packaged app. Users will be able to launch it right from within the Chrome browser but it will operate more like a standalone program.

The Chrome Remote Desktop lets users login to any computer running the Chrome browser from a remote location. They can view and control the remote desktop on the screen. The program is useful for helping troubleshoot computer problems access necessary files from a distant location.

Francois Beaufort, the official evangelist for Google Chrome has stated in his Google Plus one page that the Chrome team is working on a new packaged app version of the program. An experimental build of the software is already available for download for Chrome users.

Users who wish to try the build have to download the zip file and unzip it to a folder. Then, the undermentioned steps have to be followed:

Picture of Chromoting App

Picture – Chromoting App

  • Enabling support for experimental extensions in chrome: //flags.
  • Checking the “developer mode” box in chrome: //extensions.
  • Choosing the “load unpacked extension” option.
  • Navigating to the folder into which the app has been unzipped.

Once this has been done, the Chromoting app can be launched by users from the Chrome start screen. The program will pop up in a new window and users will be asked whether they would like to provide remote access or access one of the remote computers themselves with a login code.

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