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Chrome Surpasses IE In South America, Hits 200 Million User Mark Worldwide

by arupchou on October 14, 2011

Google Chrome is making giant strides to become the most popular browser in the world. The first step of the goal has been achieved Google Chromewith the browser surpassing Internet Explorer’s (IE) market share in South America last weekend. According to stats by various firms, if Chrome continues to grow at its present pace then by November it might become the second most popular web browser surpassing Mozilla Firefox. It is to be noted that South America, by a great margin remains Chrome’s strongest global region.

According to preliminary data published by StatCounter, on the four consecutive days last week, Chrome’s market share ranged from 37.36% to 39.91%, surpassing Internet Explorer. Chrome is strong in several South American nations such as Argentina (approx 43%), Chile (50%), Uruguay (44%), Colombia (47%) and Venezuela (37%). With an approximate population of around 162 million internet users in South America, the lead is extremely crucial for Chrome.

Struggle For Internet Explorer

It is to be noted that Microsoft has been struggling to maintain market share of IE and it has focused on increasing the user base of IE9. Google on the other hand has rolled out different versions of Chrome and each version has something new to offer. Microsoft has shifted its focus from IE8, IE7 and IE6 users as well as users who run their browsers on Windows Vista and XP. This has jolted IE’s progress big time. However, recently the software giant has come up with a marketing campaign which targets all browser users.

Google recently has come up with PC remote control application which is likely to give a tremendous boost to Chrome market share. On Thursday, Google CEO Larry Page has announced that, Chrome user has just hit 200 million mark. Last December it had a user base of around 120 million which went up to 160 million in May.

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Chrome Surpasses Mozilla To Briefly Become The Second Most Popular Browser - Chrome Plugins
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