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Chrome To Be Equipped With Hardware Accelerated UI

by arupchou on November 15, 2011

Search engine giant Google has unveiled first details about a new Chrome user interface which has been in development for quite Chrome Graphics Infrastructure Imagessome time now. The revelation by Google has made it clear that Aura will be the next significant milestone for the browser as it will take advantage of the hardware accelerations capabilities to display advanced UI for Chrome and Chrome OS. The interface will help Chrome to display much richer visuals in comes days.

It is to be noted that Aura came for the first time in June this year when Google gave a peek at its non-functional window manager in Chromium. According to a Chromium project page, which provides further details about Aura, it is said that Aura is “a new accelerated user interface framework for Chrome UI” which offers rich visuals and animated changes and effects on a large scale which is possible only with the help of hardware acceleration.

Project Still At Nascent Stage

At this point of time it is unclear as to how far Aura has been developed but we assume that the project is still in its nascent stages because as of the now just a first design doc and initial goals of the project is available. At this point of time there are no graphics available except for basic elements such as window corners and features such as maximize, minimize and restore. The new interface will mark the elimination of Gtk toolkit which has been used in Chrome’s interface till now. This might take Chrome’s interface closer to a platform which can compete with windows in a cloud environment.

As of now Aura will be included in all versions of Chrome but as of now, the focus is more on Windows. Google has said the major objectives for the early release of Aura are cross-platform code for a “flexible windowing system” on multiple form factors.

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