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Chromecast Streaming Device Set to Bring Chrome Browser and OS to TV

by S.Roy on July 26, 2013

On Wednesday, Google senior VP Sundar Pichai launched the Chromecast Streaming Device that is set to bring the Chrome browser and OS to – you guessed it right – your idiot box. And that means, all your favorite Pandora, Netflix, YouTube and Google Play content to your HDTV.

A $35 device, Chromecast is set to be the first Chrome OS expansion. It uses a system, such as an AirPlay, to stream content to the device. Unlike AirPlay, it would be available on multiple platforms and features group playlists. It plays back media when the phone is busy and also streams when the device is in sleep mode. This is not performed by devices like AirPlay, which makes the Chromecast unique.

Picture of Chromecast

Picture 1 – Chromecast Device

The Chromecast can be controlled by more than one device, which is possibly the best thing about it. One can start a video on one device and turn it off and have another device control the video. This offers seamless control over the Chromecast.

The device looks like a small HDMI stick that resembles the Roku Streaming Stick. It offers USB connectivity and can be set up very quickly and easily.

The Chromecast can now be purchased in the U.S and would also be made available in other countries before long.


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1 anto33 07.26.13 at 7:31 pm

I would like to test one.

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