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Chrome’s Market Share Crosses 25%

by arupchou on September 15, 2011

According to a data released by StatCounter, share of Google’s Chrome browser surpassed 25% last Sunday. With the share crossing the Google Chrome Browser25% mark, Chrome is fast catching up with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. However, since the market of Chrome is higher during weekends it will be difficult for Chrome to sustain the 25% mark. Market share during the first 12 days of September was registered 23.72%, up from 23.16% in August. This indicates that at the end of September Chrome’s share can exceed 24%.

Chrome Can Surpass Firefox

The data also indicated dropping of share of Firefox below 27% during the first 12 days of September. It seems that at the end of this month, Firefox will lose a full point market share. Experts believe that if the current trend goes on then Chrome can surpass Firefox by November.

Chrome’s increased adaptability in emerging markets such as India has helped the browser considerably. Dominance in some of the South American countries has also helped the browser to notch up high market share. I personally believe that Chromebooks too will play an important role in enhancing the market share of the browser.

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