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Chrome’s Market Share Going From Strength To Strength

by arupchou on July 22, 2011

The rise of Google’s Chrome Browser is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring tech success stories. The browser which was launched just 3 years ago has become one of the most sought after browser in the market and its popularity has increased by leaps and bounds among users as well as techies. It has posed a grave challenge to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. In just 3 years, Chrome has come out with more than 10 versions of the browser while Explorer and Mozilla are yet to touch 10. Let’s look at the success of Chrome over the years.

Success Of Chrome

According to Net Market Share, the Chrome’s usage has increased two-folds from the past year. Its data says the share of Chrome to Chrome Market Sharebe pegged at 13.11% from 7.24% last year. The figures also say about a decline in the share of Firefox from 23.8% to 21.7%. Internet Explorer has been the biggest loser and over the months its share has been going down steadily. One of the big reasons accredited for the decline of Internet Explorer is the fact that its latest release IE9 is not supported by Windows XP.

Till date, Firefox was seen as an alternative to IE, but now the spot has been grabbed by Chrome. Google has been working steadily to build Chrome from strength to strength. It has recently Google Toolbar For Firefox, an add-on which was there with Firefox since 2005. Google says that since Firefox has same features built it there is no need to keep the add-on. Experts believe that in coming days share of Chrome is expected to rise further, particularly with the launch of Chromebooks.

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i did not solved my problm of plug in

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