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Enable and Disable Google Chrome Icons in Windows System Tray

by S.Roy on March 18, 2013

Users of the Google Chrome browser must have lately noticed how its different versions have started to add various icons to the system tray of Windows OS. This is true for Canary as well as the Beta versions of the browser. The icons are behaving in a queer manner, if you have noticed and tend to keep running in the background even when you close the actual applications. This can, of course, be addressed with a small change in the settings.

In Chrome Beta, you can find the icon in the system tray indicating that Chrome is running in the background even when you have explicitly closed the browser. A cursor move over the icon takes you to the task manager of Chrome. This is of course, a burden on your system memory and performance – not to mention the annoyance that it causes you.

Picture of Google Chrome in Windows System Tray

Picture – Google Chrome in Windows System Tray

You can easily address the problem by going to the context menu and uncheck the box against “Let Google Chrome run in the background.” This would immediately close the browser and alter the preferences. The next time when you close Chrome, it would not remain minimized to your Windows system tray.

An alternate way to do this is to open the browser settings and going to background preferences in the “Show Advanced Settings” menu. Here, uncheck the box marked “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed.” This method would also help stop the browser from running in the background.

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1 Alec Burgess 03.18.13 at 4:38 pm

I have latest DEV (on Win XP) and also have Chrome Update Notifier 0.5.
AFAICT – its notifications are getting trapped by the systray icon – it turns from gray to white and when clicked shows blank notifications instead of displaying a notification pop-up (showing details) as it used to do.

I see this on Update Notifier’s reviews page: > Sergey ZagurskyJan 21, 2013 Don’t work with Chrome 26-dev.

I have Version 27.0.1438.7 dev-m – I’m hoping it will just start working again.

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