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Flaws in Chrome 28 Costs Google $34901.10

by S.Roy on July 10, 2013

The open source Chrome browser has been updated to version 28.0.1500.71 and it arrives with fixes for some important bugs. In order to fix the security issues in this version, Google has reportedly shelled out a yet unheard of amount of $34901.10 – the biggest in terms of monetary expenditure in the history of Google updates.

Security has been one of the main concerns for Google and it has been paying hefty sums to security researchers for quite some time now. In the recent months, it has steadily upped its security rewards. However, this is the largest payout in the history of the firm for bug and security fixes.

The big winners are researcher Andrey Labunets, who got a special reward of $21,500 for two flaws – CVE-2013-2868 and CVE-2013-2879. Researcher Collin Payne also got a big bounty of $6,267.40 for the flaw identified as CVE-2013-2879. Other winners are Karthikeyan Bhargavan and Antoine Delignat-Lavaud who won a nifty amount of $3133.70. Security researcher Miaubiz also won a $2,000 reward for reporting the flaw CVE-2013-2871. He is the same guy who got a special reward of $10,000 for contributing to Chrome security in March 2012 for the Chrome 17 releases – becoming the first individual to get over $3,337 for a bug from Google.


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1 Selwyn Lawrence 07.11.13 at 10:19 am

Thank Google in allowing the likes of myself who happens to be a dedicated follower in all Google’s developments,Yes it is true to say the latest version of the Google browser has cost seven figure sums in sorting out technical glitches & flaws,but needless to say Google are not the only ones in this world of digital technology that have encountered mishaps in recent times,it will soon come to pass,Furthermore I have not come across any latest version of the Google browser however once all the technical problems are resolved then of course I will download it,Most recently I did download & use Outlook’s new version it does looks nice on your desktop but it does lack refinement in some key areas so once again I’m using Google as my default browser.Anyway my final comment is I have every trust & faith in Google being that they are still regarded as a major player in the internet market and this temporary setback will soon be history,Take care Google Love all what achievements you have allowed myself and countless millions to enjoy at the fingertips.Yours sincerely Selwyn Lawrence.

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