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Google 26 Beta Brings Password Sync and Autofill to Android

by S.Roy on March 7, 2013

Just days after the release of Chrome 25 for Android, Google has brought the beta version of Chrome 26 to the OS. A host of new features have made way to the latest version, the highlights being the autofill and password syncing features.

What this means is that Android users would no longer have to laboriously fill out Web forms and answer to each password prompts from their Chrome browser, again and again. The features have long been made available in laptops and computers. However, this is the first time that it has been launched in Google’s mobile OS as well.

Users have to run Chrome 26 or a higher version on their desktop Chrome version and the Android version as well. They can turn the options on or off in the settings page.

As already hinted in one of our previous posts, the data compression feature has also been gifted to Android users through the latest version of the Chrome browser. Users can enable the feature under chrome://flags.

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