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Google Adds New Upgrades To Chrome

by arupchou on February 4, 2011

In the latest development to further make Chrome popular, search engine giant Google has added some upgrades in the stable version Chrome Imageof Chrome browser. The Mountain View, California based firm has added features like WebGL and Chrome Instant which further enhance surfing experience.

Utilities Of New Upgrades

Ever since the Chrome browser was launched, the main aim of Google has been to make it more user-friendly and the upgrades are a step in this direction. Chrome Instant loads the name of possible sites you browse often as you type them in the URL. For example, if you happen to regularly visit chromeplugins.org, as soon you type “ch”, Chrome Instant will load the site for you.

With WebGL feature, Google brings 3D graphics in the Chrome browser. What this means is that with the feature users can enjoy 3D experience within the browser without the need for any  other additional software. This will reduce the cost of purchasing additional software to enjoy 3D experience.

Apart from this, Google has also announced availability of Chrome Web Store to all Chrome users in the USA from where they can download their favorite apps. The features will play an important role in further enhancing the market share of the browser which has already crossed 10% mark.

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1 Saif 02.04.11 at 11:31 pm

I recently noticed it … But I’d rather feel uncomfortable to this instant service. It loads pages before my writing & it bothers me.

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