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Google Adds QUIC Protocol to Newest Chrome Browser Version

by S.Roy on July 1, 2013

Google has made public its latest experimental protocol known as Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) that it has integrated into the latest build of its Chrome browser – the Chrome Canary. QUIC comes with various features, although its highlight is its ability to run a stream multiplexing protocol above UDP rather than TCP.

The integration of the feature into Chrome has been announced in a post in the official blog for Chromium, the open source project under the hood of the Chrome browser. For the last few months, Google has been working on a QUIC client implementation as well as the implementation of a prototype server. However, it has stated that “real-world network conditions often differ considerably” and is hence checking the advantages and disadvantages of the QUIC design in the real world by integrating it into Chrome Canary and dev channel traffic to certain servers of Google.

According to Google, the integration of the technology is not supposed to make Chrome users aware of any difference other than a faster load time. Researchers feel that Google is building QUIC to help it speed up the Web further. With the SPDY protocol, the foundation for the upcoming HTTP 2.0 protocol, it has already done this. However, Google is still not happy with the results and is apparently trying to improve even more.

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