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Google Brings Out 'No Miley' Extension for Chrome Users

by S.Roy on September 13, 2013

Google has introduced a new plug-in that blocks Miley Cyrus-related words from web pages. Named as “No Cyrus”, the extension prevents any mention of the pop sensation, including her outrageous comments that irk many users. Once set up, the useful little app scans pages in the Chrome browser and replaces words related to Cyrus with hashtags and numerals. Picture of Chrome with No Miley Extension

Picture – Chrome with No Miley Screenshot

The program might be the brainchild of a Miley hater and one only wonders whether this would be replicated for other stars like Justin Bieber or 1D. If that happens, the number of times such applications are downloaded could be an indicator of the notoriety of a celebrity. The extension is now available for download at this official Chrome Web Store link.


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1 PhistucK 09.13.13 at 5:52 pm

“Google has introduced”? why? because it is its web store?
“chrishorris” is the author and this author seems to have no relation to Google.

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