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Google Chrome Browser Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

by S.Roy on September 7, 2013

Folks at Mountain View may be having a grand time as their much-loved browser celebrates its 5th anniversary. Yes, the Google Chrome browser has turned 5 years old and it has given its makers more than one reason to celebrate.

When Google released Chrome back in 2008, the browser was written off for dead “after the first couple of weeks” of its launch – as Erik Kay, an old timer in the Chrome team puts it. Industry watchers failed to recognize its potential, as the browser managed to capture 1% of the market share within a day of its launch. Users were clearly hungry for a good, new browser and Google sensed the opportunity. While Chrome lost most of its initial market share by the end of that year, Google developers did not give up and concentrated on its stability and security. Its speed and simplicity were always assets.

With major updates in every few weeks, more stability fixes, fewer bug issues and improved under the hood technologies to offer, Chrome began a ‘meteoric’ rise and now holds 43.1% of the market share as compared to the 24.5% of IE which held a staggering 72% share when Chrome was released first. With ease of use in multiple platforms, Chrome has managed to edge past its competitors and seems to have a long innings ahead. The fifth anniversary, in that regard, only seems to be a small milestone.

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1 César Martínez 09.07.13 at 2:09 pm

Siempre, desde el 2004 yo lo llamo
SAN GOOGLE (St. Google)

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