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Google Chrome Browser is now in Version 27.0.1453.116

by S.Roy on June 21, 2013

Google has updated its Chrome browser, which now stands at version 27.0.1453.116. The updated browser is a 50.4 MB download in totality and comes with multiple fixes and improvements.

According to a post on the Chrome Releases Blog by Karen Grunberg of the Chrome team, the updated version of the browser is compatible with Windows, Chrome and Mac OS systems.

The browser come with one fix of medium severity, which repairs issues with “click-jacking” in the Chrome Flash plug-in. In one of our previous posts, we had mentioned the problem and how Google was working on rectifying the issue. The problem involved exploring a particular vulnerability in the flash plug-in of the Chrome browser and taking control of the microphone and camera of the system of an unsuspecting user. The developers at Google have finally managed corrected the problem in the latest version of the browser.

The newest version also comes with fixes for:

  • More than one Flash movies not playing on same web pages
  • An arc rendering bug in Canvas
  • An issue in selecting boxes with multiple options triggering Onchange event on scroll

The update is good enough for you to give it a try. Here is the download link for you to install the Chrome browser if you have not still explored it.

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