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Google Chrome To Enable Real Time Communication

by arupchou on January 24, 2012

In its official Chromium blog, Google has announced that it will be adding support for real-time communication on Chrome browser Chrome Browserfor dev channel. It is to be noted that last summer Google made WebRTC an open source and it has been working towards integrating this technology in its various products. WebRTC are believed to be a major componet for high quality communications on the web by Google as it can easily support audio and video components which are used in video chat and voice apps. These components can be accessed through a Javascript API which gives developers an opportunity to design their own WebRTC apps.

New Way For Communication

WebRTC introduces a new way of communication through browser. It outfits Javascript and HTML5 to make real time communication possible for any web browser. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Opera support WebRTC technology, therefore applications built on WebRTC can be installed not only in Chrome but also Firefox and Opera.

Google still believes that technology is still under development and the progress will be based on the comments from developers. Several companies are active participants in devloping solution for browsers using WebRTC. There are reports that WebRTC will also enable streaming services right into the browser which will kill the need for downloading a third party client.

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1 Clip Art 02.27.12 at 6:29 pm

Google Chrome is really a revolution. much faster than other browsers and useful for me ..

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