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Google Chrome Tops Browser Battle, Reports StatCounter

by S.Roy on July 5, 2013

A study by web tracking firm StatCounter has found the Google Chrome browser to be number one among all web browsers in the world. Released in September 2008, Chrome has taken less than five years to get to the top of the heap.

According to the data published by the firm, the global market share of Chrome rose to 43% in June up from 33% in the same month last year. This makes it the top browser in the world, followed by Internet Explorer (IE) with a 25% market share. However, the huge base still wielded over by IE has mainly been ascribed to the compulsion in many workplaces to use the browser. Its usage dips over the weekends when users have a more personal choice at hand, which is reflected in the increased usage of Apple’s Safari and Chrome.

Picture of StatCounter Statistics for Browser Share in June

Picture – StatCounter Statistics for Browser Share in June

This is undoubtedly a piece of great news for Google which is constantly trying to improve its browser and fix all possible issues that might hamper user experience. In the last couple of years, it has even got all out to reward hackers with large sums and fix possible security issues in the Chrome browser as well as OS. It now remains to be seen whether the tech biggie can replicate this success with its Chrome OS which it has lately been trying to promote hard among students and other user groups.

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