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Google ChromeBooks To Hit Indian Markets In 2012

by arupchou on November 17, 2011

Chromebook lovers in India have a reason to rejoice. Google’s Chromebook, a netbook tailor made for web browsing and running on Google Chromebook ImagesGoogle’s Chrome OS is likely to be shipped in India by 2012. Speaking to media persons, Sundar Pichai, senior VP, Chrome and Apps said that the company is very much excited about chromebooks and has taken the 1st step in the long journey. He further added in 2012, they will be expanding in more countries and they hope that it will include India too.

Huge Potential Market

Mr Pichai further added that they see India as a huge potential market for Google where nearly 98% of the time is spent on browsing and hence he believes it is natural for them to take a step in India. It is to be noted that Google launched its Chromebooks earlier this year and two vendors, Acer and Samsung came out with Chromebooks running on the Chrome OS. The Chromebooks are priced between $ 350 and $ 500 in international markets.

Coming of Chromebooks in India at this juncture is also important considering the fact that in October 2011, Chrome overtook Internet Explorer to become the most popular browser in the country. However, analysts believe that if Chomebooks are to be a success in India, then it is important for Google to address issues like pricing and features. With Windows still the dominant player in the OS segment, it will not be an easy job for Chromebooks to carve a niche for themselves.

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